In two days time my final piece is due. All this work, this research, reading, interviewing, writing and crafting leads to this final piece of work.

So I’ve been editing. Re-reading. And then editing again.

I’ve found the readings this semester so beneficial. Each one has a new structure, idea, and system of journalism that is adding to this bank of information that I never before understood.

Journalism has been so different to what I expected, although I’m not entirely sure what I expected. I think my biggest learning curve has been adapting to the style of Journalistic writing. Staying away from those delicious adjectives and sticking to the facts and figures that makes up a news piece.

I now look at other news articles far more critically and analytically. Studying the structure, the tone and the technique.

In terms of my story… I would like to think its come a long way. I’ve focused on the angle much more and the style of the piece. Positioning it more as a news story rather than a creative writing piece. But I suppose, this blog has proven that it has become so much more than ‘a story.’ Through the process of finding, writing and creating this story, I have learnt so much. Especially broadening my ideas about what it truly means to be a Journalist.

So until next time.

Georgie F