In a reading from, The handbook of journalism studies (Wahl-Jorgensen & Hanitzsch, 2009), the idea of gatekeeping was touched on. By definition it is, “ the process of selecting, writing, editing, positioning, scheduling, repeating and otherwise massaging information to become news (Wahl-Jorgensen & Hanitzsch, 2009)”.

The reading looked at the development of gatekeeping over history and how much it’s changed. An interesting point that it brought up was to do with the competitive nature of Journalists and how they use this competition to judge their own performance. For instance, it is believed that New York Times acts as a moderator for other journalists. As in, they hold the authority and act as a trendsetter for other Journalists. This means that the journalists can compare their work to NYT and follow in its lead. This chapter expressed that if this ‘moderator’ did not already exist, “it would be invented (Wahl-Jorgensen & Hanitzsch, 2009)”.

In relation to my story, I have realised that I can be my own gatekeeper. From the responses on my social media questions I don’t necessarily see a huge market for my story with the angle I’m taking now. Therefore I need to position this story from a slightly different angle, one that will be more appealing to the audience and one that demands the title ‘newsworthiness’’.

So until next time.

Georgie F


Wahl-Jorgensen, K., & Hanitzsch, T. (2009). The handbook of journalism studies (pp. 73-87). New York: Routledge.