Looking back on my draft story and from the G. Hannis (2014) reading, I can see how the intro can make or break your entire piece. In class we’ve leant about the more mainstream Introductions.

  • 20 word limit
  • Includes the 5W’s and an H
  • Angle

While I attempted to achieve this in my last draft, I can see my flaws and what I need to improve on.

intro blog

In class we also learnt about other types of introductions that are less common, but still relevant. One that is used generally for profile stories is called a ‘Delayed Intro.’ Basically this is a way of building suspense and referring to news in a more indirect form (Hannis, 2014).

I quite liked this type of Introduction and would be interested in using it in the future. However, not sure it’s appropriate my story. With a word limit of 600 words, its important to use my introduction efficiently, rather than waste words with a Drop down introduction.

So until next time.

Georgie F


Hannis, G. (2014). Intro: a beginner’s guide to journalism in 21st-century Aotearoa/New Zealand (pp. 199-217). Wellington: New Zealand Journalists Training Organisation.