One week till this story is due. 7 days till this jigsaw is no longer just segments of a larger picture. 168 hours to piece the puzzle together.

I’ve learnt a huge amount over the last week, both from our Journalism tutorial but also from actually being out there interviewing, talking to people and putting myself in the shoes of a journalist. And while I’ve been studying my puzzle, I’ve discovered parts that I’m still desperately trying to comprehend.

  1. I’ve discovered that the art of journalistc writing is a lot less exciting than I imagined. Emotive words, creative imagery and repetitive use of alliteration are not appreciated. Instead short, succinctly-structured sentences are highly recommended. Don’t get me wrong, I actually believe this type of writing requires more skill. So for me, while its not the style I’m used to, it is definitely something I want to learn how to improve on.
  2. After a fascinating interview with those directly related to St James Theatre, I began sorting my puzzle pieces. However ironically, it’s been these insightful interviews that have sparked me to question whether this story is in fact the right one to tell. I suppose my concerns are that all the truly ‘nitty gritty’ pieces occurred in the past…and this story is meant to be from our present day. Yet maybe I could use the history as the foundation for my story? I’ve been going back and forth all week between the pros and cons about changing stories but I think I’ve finally made up my mind to continue with my original idea. If I was to change now, it would mean finding another story, more background research and more time…which, in all honesty, I just don’t have.

In the hope of crafting a story that follows the true journalistic qualities I have decided that the most effective way is to ‘method act.’ This week I shall play an experienced journalist, who understands the torturously methodical steps needed in order to meet their deadline, with a  succinct, stirring, substantial and strong story. So I will sit in my usual window seat that overlooks the smoggy city, papers strewn across my desk and a strong coffee in hand and jot down any ideas that come to mind. How could a true journalistic piece just not start flowing from my pen? My puzzle will finally be completed!

So until next time.

Georgie Foot