Searching for a story on the streets of Auckland is actually harder than I expected. The bustling streets offer plenty of options for story ideas….which is quite possibly part of the problem. Too many options! On Saturday morning I took to the streets in desperate hope of stumbling upon a hidden nook or cranny, where some NEWS BREAKING story would reveal itself.

Perhaps a little too optimistic.

However, it wasn’t until I was on my way home, on my usual route past the Auckland Library, Stopover Cafe and St James Theatre that I realised the perfect story had been starring me in the face. One of Auckland’s most historical building, situated in the heart of the city was full of stories to tell and full of stories to share on my blog.

I sat outside St James Theatre for the next half an hour just observing. Watching the people, cars and light fade. Next plan is to make contact with those who run the theatre and have been part of the re-establishment of the theatre.

So until next time.

Georgie F