I am approximately 1 minute and 23 seconds from my favourite cafe. Approximately 2 minutes and 38 seconds from University. Approximately 1 hour and 32 minutes from my house in Hamilton. Approximately 29 hours from my hometown of Zimbabwe in Africa.

I am just one fish in a school of fish who swim through Auckland’s pond and an even smaller fish swimming through the world’s Seas. Quite possibly one of my greatest fears is forever living as just a small insignificant fish, camouflaged by a million other small fish.

However, recently I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how small or seemingly insignificant you are, you always have a story to tell and there is always someone who wants to hear it. To me, the affect your story has on one person is far more significant than if you were to shout it to the world.

I have discovered several stories worth telling, just by wondering down Auckland’s Streets and observing those who often go unobserved.

So from where to from here? Well my goal with this blog is to share the stories of Auckland. In fact just one story will do. And for those of you interested enough to keep reading I hope I can prove to you, and myself, that being a small fish in a big pond is far more significant than being a big fish in a small pond.